Who we are.

We enjoy interacting with our clients and their work, building a strong relationship to reinforce communication and provide an extension of your organization to ours.

A little about us…

We are just like you, busy, passionate, involved, determined, professionals and most importantly proud parents. We understand that in today’s society we as individuals have to wear many hats to stay afloat, even many more to be competitive and successful. Our schools in the community have a huge role to play in the development of our kids and building blocks of society. These schools and organizations need all the help they can get to stay focused on the job at hand.

LATechNet was founded 6 years ago for that purpose. As involved parents, we wanted to do our part and establish a team that could provide support to these organizations in need. Lets face it, technology is a multi-billion dollar industry that has changed the very fundamentals of how we communicate and interact with each other.

Technology today is changing rapidly, our kids see it daily. State mandated tests, Apple TVs, touch screen projectors, IPads and that just scratches the surface. All of this requires attention, knowledge and above all… experience. Experience in this field will save you time, effort, stress, and most importantly, cost.

Having a team there with experience and dedication who is passionate about your success as much as you are is a big plus. We bring you the experience and true and tried road map to your destination. Through a collaborative effort between organizations, you become more informed and protected through a network of organizations just like yours.

We are truly proud of our partners’ accomplishments and successes. Being part of a team is the key to reach our goals.

“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

-William A. Foster.